Savage Family

Genealogy of Keith Robert Savage

Emperor Charlemagne

King Charles I of France (Charlemagne) is a grandfather to many persons in our family tree. As a result we have many kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, etc. as grandparents and cousins.


My objective from the onset when setting up this 'Savage Family' website was to try and trace a direct link back to William Le Sauvage, one of many knights who accompanied De Courcey in the invasion of County Down circa 1177. I was determined to seek out documentation to substantiate my findings but soon learned that a mammoth task lay ahead as: (a) Civil registration of all births, deaths and marriages Ireland began in 1864. (b) Most of these records were destroyed by fire when the Four Courts building in Dublin where they were housed was shelled during the Irish Civil War. (c) Most of Ireland's census records prior to 1901 were also destroyed. Despite this setback, my research remains an on-going 'work -in-progress' though to date, I have only managed to trace back as far back as Rowland SAVAGE my great, great, great grandfather. circa 1800, so my storey starts here.

Augustin Grignon

Augustin Grignon was a fur trader and general entrepreneur in the Fox River Valley in territorial Wisconsin, surviving in